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Practical Need for an Online Directory of Medical Practitioners in South Africa

Medicalis is an on-line directory of medical and health practitioners in South Africa.  The directory has been around since 2007, and has grown both in the professionals being listed as well as the public use of the directory.

As at November 2010, Medicalis is averaging over 7000 visitors per month, seeking the services of the medical practitioners lists.  Most searches originate from the Google or Yahoo search engines, and ultimate these searches are refined in Medicalis.

The unique structure of the database allows user to search for Medical Practitioners or healthcare facilities easily, by allowing its users to search using any or all of the following criteria:

  • Category
  • Suburb
  • City / Town
  • Province
  • Keyword
  • Doctor's / Medical Practitioner's Name


Join Medicalis / Allow the Public to Find You

There is a significant effort in ensuring that the correct details are captured and maintained correctly within the online database.  We provide this service free for public use, and have asked Medical Practitioners to contribute towards the site in the form of a small listing fee.

There are three listing options for Medical and Health Practitioners, as well as Institutions, depending on the amount of information which you would like to have online.

Normal Listing

This captures your basic details in the form of:

  • Name / Practice Name
  • Physical and Postal Addresses
  • Phone, Fax and Mobile Numbers (Mobile is optional)
  • Email and Website Information (Both email and website is optional)

A normal listing entitles you to be placed in up to 5 medical disciplines.

The cost of a normal listing is as follows:

  • Paid monthly: R 45.60 per month
  • Paid annually: R 498.18 per annum

Monthly payments are to be made by debit order only.

Annual payments are to be made by debit order or by EFT by the Medical and Health Practitioner

Premium Listing

A premium listing allows you to capture all the information of a normal listing and in addition add more information about your practice, including any graphics / logo that you may have.

The cost of a premium listing is as follows:

  • Paid monthly: R 91.20 per month
  • Paid annually: R 996.36 per annum

Monthly payments are to be made by debit order only.

Annual payments are to be made by debit order or by EFT by the Medical and Health Practitioner.



Website of Your Own

In addition to the above, we are offering Medical Practitioners that have taken up an annual listing in Medicalis a discounted, custom designed website for their practice.  The website will include the following features:

  • A full custom developed content management website, enabling owner updating
  • A free .co.za domain registration and renewal
  • Five free email addresses at your domain, e.g. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This will enable you to post articles, publish papers and research online in your own website.  It will provide better credibility of your ability both among your peers and among your prospective Clients.

The cost of your own custom designed website is as follows:

  • Development cost: R 0.00 if you have an annual listing in Medicalis
  • Monthly hosting: R 188.10 per month




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