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South African Health News
  • Belgian doctors transplant windpipes
    Belgian doctors have successfully transplanted windpipes in a number of patients. Damage from accidents and cancer surgery are the most common reasons patients need a windpipe transplant.
  • Drug-resistant bacteria cause stubborn infections
    The more bacteria are exposed to antibiotics, the higher the chance they will develop resistance to the drugs. Unnecessary exposure can happen in humans who take antibiotic drugs they don't need.
  • Football players' brains take a beating
    Researchers compared changes in football players' brains after one season, to people who didn't play sports. After six months of rest, the players' brains were still different.
  • Your 'bacteria types' are as individual as you are
    There is a wide variation in the types of bacteria that healthy people have in their digestive tracts and elsewhere, suggesting that beneficial communities of microbes come in many different forms.
  • Free samples may lead to expensive prescriptions
    Generic drugs are cheaper than brand name drugs and branded generics, but dermatologists who receive free samples tend to prescribe the more expensive drugs.